Our video premiered on American Songwriter and was Video of the Day AOL Spinner. We were also Daily Download on Rolling Stone!

The record’s not out yet, but here’s some early love for it…

“This scratchy-blanket duet between Anders Parker and Kendall Meade, the first single off their upcoming full-length, is the sonic equivalent of cute kitten videos. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, this is your jam.”

“I wish more artists would realise that a snappy intro to track one often decides the mood of the listener; especially if they are new to their work. ANDERS & KENDALL do just that, with the 25 second long gutsy guitar solo that introduces We’re on Fire, Babe as it made me sit up like a Meercat; and when Anders Parker’s gruff voice was eventually joined by the sweet tones of Kendall Meade all thoughts of work were put on hold until the album had been listened to all the way through. As well as the ultra-cool guitar playing there is also an organ that drifts in and out enhancing an excellent, understated ‘love song.’”

Veteran Rock Critic
“Like Johnny and June, Dolly and George or Gram and Emmylou, Anders & Kendall know how to sing rings around one another and make it sound sexy and sweet.”